Recent article in the San Diego Union Tribune about a carjacking and kidnapping situation that culminated in Riverside, Ca.  The whole situation started when the suspect kidnapped a baseball coach and a player in Kearny Mesa, San Diego, and made them drive him to a location in Ramona, CA.  On the way there, the coach wrestled the gun away, but crashed into another car before he and the player could escape to safety.  Now with no transportation or weapon, the suspect carjacked an SUV from an elderly woman and began the 45 mile chase to Riverside.  After a long standoff with local SWAT, the suspect finally surrendered without anyone else being harmed.

Real the full article here.

These are some serious felony charges if found guilty of kidnapping and carjacking in a San Diego Superior Court.  Most likely will spend the rest of his life in prison due to the severity the California courts punish kidnapping and carjacking convictions.  From what the article says, he also has a lengthy criminal record already, so any felonies could combine with the new felony charges and cost him his freedom for good.