Vista Domestic Violence Attorney

Arrested for domestic violence, domestic abuse, child abuse, or spousal abuse in Vista, North County, or greater San Diego County?

If so, due to the complexity of the domestic laws, retaining the legal services of Vista domestic violence attorney, Ken Elliott, is the highest priority to avoid or weaken the results of a domestic violence arrest and conviction in a Vista or San Diego Superior Court. The realities of a domestic violence arrest are not pretty. You find yourself dealing with a criminal matter, a civil matter, a family matter, and even risk your occupation or job. How could your job be at risk? If you require some kind of certification or professional license, a domestic violence conviction could put those at risk of be revoked or difficult to establish in the future. There are all kind of reasons that your or your loved one needs an experienced and dedicated domestic violence attorney to represent their case in a Superior Court, but to sum it all up, your life, family, and career are at risk.

Have you or someone you care about been served with a restraining order due to prior accusations of domestic violence, assault, or battery by a former spouse, significant other, domestic partner, or cohabitant?

Penalties and consequences are stiff when it comes to a conviction for domestic violence in the State of California. These consequences include but are not limited to large fines, restraining orders, counseling, stay away orders, and in some cases alcohol classes. Due to these strict policies established by the state, law enforcement are required for an arrest to be made when there is evidence that a domestic violence instance had taken place. So when that phone call goes out, you can count on going to jail and working the details out in court. Lots of times people will show up in court and due to lack of legal education, plead guilty or no contest just to get things moving forward.  Never report to a Vista or San Diego Court without taking the proper legal arsenal that you need.  Retaining the experienced domestic violence legal assistance is crucial in avoiding all the negative circumstances that come with a criminal domestic violence conviction. Even if you have to plead guilty or no contest, you should still have the proper, experienced legal representation you need.

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