DUI, Driving While Intoxicated, Drunk Driving

Arrested for a 1st time DUI, 2nd or 3rd DUI in Vista or San Diego County?

If so, hiring an experienced drunk driving lawyer like Ken Elliott, should be the first thing you do so that a DMV hearing can be scheduled on your behalf.  Most people don’t realize that they only have 10 days from the date of their arrest, to set up a DMV hearing and avoid any suspension of their license and driving privileges in the State of California.  Although this DMV hearing won’t keep the state from taking your driving license in the long run, it will at least give you the needed time so that alternative transportation methods can be arranged.

As an experienced Vista DUI attorney, familiar with the in and outs of the Vista and various San Diego County Superior Courts, Vista DUI Attorney, Ken Elliott, has the proven track record of reaching the most favorable outcome to DUI, Driving Under the Influence, or Drunk Driving charges. After years of experience representing a variety of DUI charges, Mr. Elliott, has gathered the necessary knowledge to properly challenge technical issues, procedures, and practices that take place during any DUI arrest.  The reality is that being arrested for anything, especially a DUI, can really affect your life in all sorts of ways, especially if convicted of a DUI.  Aside from the stress of license suspensions, court fees, and fines that your already facing, your personal life is going to take a serious hit too. Dealing with all these aspects that come with an arrest for DUI or Drunk Driving, can be too much to handle and Mr. Elliott is here to help you through these stressful times. When you hire Mr. Elliott’s legal services, he will put things into perspective for you and outline things properly so you’re aware of all the options and fully understand the reality of the situation and not “what you’ve heard”.  The most important thing for Vista DUI Attorney, Ken Elliott, is keeping your out of jail for your DUI arrest so that you can be there for your family and move forward with your life.

A DUI or Driving Under The Influence arrest can be considered a very technical and complicated crime to represent in Vista or San Diego Superior Court, but that doesn’t mean an experienced attorney can’t attain a favorable outcome for you. That doesn’t mean that a good DUI attorney is going to get your off the hook scot free, but trying to take on the San Diego County prosecutors office alone is never a good decision. Hiring a good DUI lawyer like Ken Elliott gives you that ability to take on your DUI charges from an even playing field.  DUI crimes are very technical and therefore open to all sorts of speculation. Due to this speculation certain actions can be taken to help your outcome, such as, suppression of evidence or even disproving certain elements associated with your DUI arrest.

A DUI conviction in California needs to be taken very serious. As mentioned, you’re already looking at legal expenses and obstacles like license suspensions, probation, alcohol classes, and sometimes even jail.  A DUI can also be considered a felony when someone is injured or it’s your 4th DUI.


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