Vista Weapons Violation Attorney

Gun Crime Lawyer representing clients facing weapons charges in Vista Court or San Diego County Superior Court?

For over 25 years, Vista Weapons Violation Attorney, Ken Elliott, has been representing weapons and gun crime cases in San Diego Superior Court. Armed with an extensive understanding of California gun laws and the possible defenses associated with them.

If you have been arrested for a gun charge or weapon violation, immediate action is required if you want a quality defense strategy to be put in place. We’re currently in an age where gun laws are getting stricter every year and punishments are ever changing. Gun crimes are a very technical crime to prosecute and Vista Weapons Violation Attorney, Ken Elliott’s years of experience have given him the necessary skills to properly and successfully represent your criminal gun or weapons charges and minimize any penalties associated with it.

Although you have a Constitutional right to own a firearm, there are certain legal situations that can revoke that right and prohibit you from possessing or owning a firearm. Those situations are:

Previous Felony Convictions

Under Penal Code section 29800, subdivision (a)(1), a felon is prohibited from owning a firearm for their entire life and if caught with a firearm they face possible probation or jail time.

Certain Misdemeanor Convictions

Not a lot of people know this, but certain misdemeanor convictions like domestic violence, battery, criminal threats, assault with a deadly weapon carry a 10 year ban on owning a firearm.

Subject of Restraining Order

Penal Code section 29825, you’re not allowed to purchase a firearm if you’re the subject of a restraining or protective order. Most of the time you’re notified in the restraining order that you need to get rid of all your firearms.