Vista White Collar Crime Attorney

After 25 years of representing clients charged with a White Collar Crime in a Vista or San Diego County Superior Court, Vista Attorney Kenneth Elliott knows how severe the consequences can be if convicted of a crime like Bank Fraud, Bribery, Conspiracy, Copyright Infringement, Embezzlement, Forgery, Fraud, Healthcare Fraud, Mail Fraud, Medicare Fraud, Money Laundering, Tax Evasion, Tax Fraud, Trademark Infringement, or Wire Fraud in the State of California. Mr. Elliott is dedicated to attaining a positive outcome to your criminal charges and is ready to enlist the services of skilled professionals, some of whom have worked for the federal government as IRS agents, Postal Investigators, etc; further adding to the formidable defense created for you. Sadly, sometimes a mistake can be made on a particular financial document, such as a tax return, but the government doesn’t see it that way and will come at you no different than a criminal. Vista white collar attorney, Ken Elliott, recognizes just how serious an accusation of fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, or conspiracy can be, and like any criminal offense, time is of the essence when building a successful case for you. This enables Mr. Elliott to thoroughly review all the pertinent documents, financial records, and business documents that come with a proper white collar crime investigation. Vista Attorney Mr. Elliott stands ready to represent your case in a San Diego Superior Court Today.

Don’t hesitate to contact attorney Ken Elliott if you’re facing fraud, money laundering, tax fraud, or any other type of white collar crime in the city of Vista, North County, or greater San Diego County.